In back stabbing, Kiran becomes younger to Naidu

Hyderabad, Nov 4, 2013:
YSR Congress Party on Monday charged both CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and TDP President
Chandrababu Naidu with enacting political dramas and cheating people over the
division issue.

Party spokesperson Roja
told press persons here that Kiran and Naidu are competing with each other in
backstabbing the Seemandhra people over the bifurcation. “In back stabbing, Kiran
has become younger brother to Naidu,” she remarked, warning them that people
are watching their political dramas.

“We have responded
with a clear cut stand on the letter written by the GoM on the bifurcation issue
reaffirming our commitment to the unified Andhra Pradesh and asking the Centre
to keep the state united,” she said, adding Naidu failed to come up with a stand
on the letter.

Asking Naidu to
explain why he is taking up his self-respect Yatra once again after pledging it
in New Delhi, Roja stated that he is waiting for Congress President Sonia’s
signal to respond to the letter.

Kiran, operating in
the garb of a champion of united state and Naidu, abetting him as the main
promoter of division, are speeding up the bifurcation process dancing to the
tunes of Delhi, she said and observed. “Congress and TDP have failed to respond
to the agitation going on for the last 3-months in Seemandhra aimed at keeping
the state united.”

Lashing out at Naidu
for not taking back his support letter for bifurcation and not coming out with clarity
on the issue with his experience of nine years as CM, Roja said Naidu can take
back his letter even now. “By boycotting the GoM, you are only aiding the
division,” she told Naidu.

Recalling the
experiences of East and West Germany which have merged after long separation and
the efforts of North and South Korea which are working towards merger, Roja
said since majority people are seeking the state to be a unified one, Andhra
Pradesh must be kept as a unified state.

Naidu and Kiran should explain how the state will be
benefitted by bifurcation, she demanded

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