Babu is in Vijayawada, employees in Hyderabad

The YSRCP Leader Peddi Reddy said that there is no scope for a common man to survive with the rising price of commodities. He mentioned that Babu is not bothered about regulating the prices, fulfilling the assurances made before elections, support and benefit farmers, which is really pathetic. He is always bothered about the Capital construction. Only bothered about the ways to market the land for higher prices which has been grabbed from the poor farmers in and surrounding the capital, these are the only thoughts in the mind of Naidu. Peddi Reddy said that Naidu acts differently - when he is in power and in the absence of power.

Naidu is stating that funds have been integrated and with Pattiseema the state will prosper which is a false attempt and bluffing people, commented Peddi Reddy. He said that it is shame on Babu to tell that whatever the works done by the late YS Raja Sekhar Reddy as his works. Further, there is a lot of confusion about who is working where, said Peddi Reddy. He said that Naidu will not leave Vijayawada while the employees will not leave Hyderabad, commented Peddi Reddy.

Peddi Reddy questioned Babu what are you doing for Chitoor being born there stating that four lines and six line for Amaravati flyover. He mentioned that, in the upcoming elections, people will teach a lesson to Naidu. He demanded that High Court should be brought to Tirupathi.  Naidu has to think of controlling the price and also look into the Rayalaseema without any discrimination, if not YSRCP will fight for it, specified Peddi Reddy

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