Ayyannapatrudu has No Right To Speak Morals In Politics

YSR Congress Party Coordinator to Narsipatnam Assembly Constituency P Umashankar Goud lashed at TDP leaders saying the ruling party leaders have no  right to speak morals in the politics. He ridiculed AP minister CH Ayyannapatrudu's comments.  Fearing defeat in next elections, the minister is making wild allegations against opposition. 

Speaking to newsmen on the sidelines of participating in YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's padayatra in Vishakhapatnam district, he said that  Ayyannapatrudu became a leader at the mercy of  NTR  and supported Chandrababu at the time of the crisis in TDP in 1995. 

The YSR Congress leader said that It was Jagan who is  fighting legal battle to prove that the cases filed against his  are false. Whereas, Chandrababu has got stays in 22 cases pending against him in the courts . If all cases investigated, the CM will have to languish in jail for life long.  He also said that he will prove the corruption in all government schemes exploited by Ayyannapatrudu. 

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