Are You Not Bothered About People's Problems?

Chittoor: Tirupati MP Varaprasad complained that TDP Government was staying indifferent to the problems faced by people. Speaking on this occasion, MP mentioned the problem of drinking water scarcity in the mandal. He criticised Chandrababu's negligence towards his duty to confront the unlawful projects being built by Telangana Government on River Krishna and River Godavari. He toured in Neerpakota village along with YSRCP's state joint secretary Arani Vidyanatha Reddy. They received appeals from the people during the tour.
MP Varaprasad expressed his concern about the agricultural lands in the state changing to drylands. He acclaimed the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan for fighting against the construction of unlawful projects by Telangana and added that the fight had received huge support from the farmers. He promised to build overhead tank in Neerpakota village and to work hard for the alleviation of problems in the village. Later he performed poojas in the temple of Lord Venkateswara. Participating in this event were joint secretary of the state, Arani Vidyanatha Reddy, villagers Balaji, Ramaiah, Markandeyulu, Lakshmaiah, Subrahmanyam, Chinnaiah, Prakash, Pandaiah and others.

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