All round solidarity for Vijayamma

 Students in several towns
across the state have also begun their Deeksha in solidarity with the YSR
Congress Party honourary president Smt Y.S.Vijayamma who launched her two-day
Deeksha in Hyderabad today seeking full fee reimbursement to all eligible
engineering students.

Students began their Deeksha at
Tirupati and Kakinada in support of the demand for full reimbursement for all.

In Tirupati, local YSR Congress
leader Bhumana Karunakara Reddy expressed his support to the SV University
students who pledged to carry on the struggle till Government accepted their
demand for full reimbursement. 

In Kakinada too, local YSR
Congress leaders expressed their support to the fasting students who vowed to
fight to fulfill their demand for full fee reimbursement.

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