All the way, people seek unified AP : Jagan

(Chitoor dist), Jan 13, 2014: Reaffirming that the era of welfare and value based
politics has ended with the demise of YSR, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said the
present day politicians are playing foul and have selfish priorities resulting
in the division of the State for a few seats and they are showing scant respect
to the sentiments of the people which is heavily loaded in favour of a united

a large gathering here on the eve of festival, he said: “YSR was a visionary
who looked beyond political affiliations, regional boundaries and selfish
motives and had started welfare schemes that had benefited every section of the
society. No one could ask for a separate state as his vision was aimed at all
round development.

him came the deluge of petty political intrigue with selfish motives to pinch a
few seats by hook or crook and the Congress has taken the decision to divide
the State with the able support of N Chanrababu Naidu in an undemocratic manner
despite 70 % of the people from Kuppam to Srikakulam are airing the slogan of
Samaikyandhra,” he said.

divisive political thought has to be defeated and we shall fight the united
battle and win 30 MP seats to decide the Prime Minister who will support a
united state.

and farmers will be badly affected if the state is divided and their fears and
concerns are not been understood by the ruling Congress and main opposition
TDP. Samaikyandhra is slogan of the youth that is threatened of deprivation of
employment opportunities in the capital city of Hyderabad, which was developed
over 60 years, by people of all regions.

slogan of a united state is that of the farmers who fear that Krishna waters
may not reach them if another state comes in between as the flow is scanty and
drops into Andhra Pradesh only after the needs of the upper riparian states are

Hyderabad accounts for 50 % of the revenue, the new state will not have funds
even to pay salaries. Sonia Gandhi, N Kiran Kumar Reddy and N Chandrababu Naidu
should be answerable to the unwarranted misery that is likely to befall on us.

have to reject these divisive forces which are concerned about their welfare and
scheming to trouble the persons who fight for justice by sending them to jail.

is still remembered as his welfare schemes have touched every section of the

has launched Aarogyasri enabling the poor to have access to quality treatment.
Congress has diluted his welfare schemes and are now going against the will of
the majority of the people by dividing the state without taking the consent of
the assembly,” he said

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