Actual Culprits Are From Babu's Coterie

Srikakulam: Former minister and YSRCP's official spokesman Tammineni Sitaram commented that the roots for fake coins were in Krishna and Guntur districts. Speaking to the media at Srikakulam district, he mentioned that the people arrested in Srikakulam for the case were not of the relevant level. He demanded probe on minister Prathipati Pullarao's secret tour in Srikakulam district and discussions with SP. He stated that the whole matter had happened in the backdrop of Linghamaneni estate. Tammineni explained that the fake coins' deal was of worth Rs.20-30 crore. P.Ramakrishna and P.Srinu, the SI and the constable of Donuboyi police station of Seethampeta mandal had been arrested in the case. On the 3rd of this month, 4 people had been arrested for dealing with fake Iridium coins and other valuable things and the police had been arrested for cooperating with them.

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