13 Years of Prajaprasthanam

It was on this day 13 years ago that the legendary YS Rajashekar Reddy began his historic padayatra crisscrossing the state. The yatra, undertaken under the blistering sun,  had brought a sea change in AP politics. The famous Padayatra that bought the Congress government back into power.
The yatra was launched on April 9, 13 years ago. He walked 1475 kilometers covering 640 villages for 68 days in the scorching hot sun. The yatra brought him closer to the hearts of people and it's through the yatra that he learnt the miseries of the common man. He understood the needs of the lesser privileged and it made him a great leader.
YSR had undertaken the padayatra in the scorching heat and toured 11 districts and the long march continued throughout the summer covering a distance of over 1,475 km. With the TDP government imposing taxes and user charges besides increasing bus charges, power tariff, and had made fun out of the YSR promise of free power, the padayatra had been highly assuring to all sections of the people.The mid-summer heat was severe and he fell ill at Rajahmundry but quickly recovered and continued the odyssey
During the yatra, YSR fell sick few km before Rajahmundry and had to rest for a couple of days before re-launchign the yatra. It was the understanding of the woes of the farmers that made him affix his first signature after becoming the chief minister giving free power to the farm sector.
Schemes like Arogya sri, 104 Rural Mobile Health Units, Pavala Vaddi, Abhayahastham (IKP Life Insurance Scheme), Rajiv Udyogasri,Jalayagnam, Farmers’ loans waiver, Pashu Kranti, Aarogyasri, 108 Ambulances, Fees Reimbursement for Students were game-changing social welfare measures that have brought smiles to the faces of countless people.
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