TDP resorting to diversion politics

Nellore/Srikakulam: YSRCP leaders came down heavily on TDP for its diversion politics at a time when Asara amount is being distributed to women groups across the State.
Speaking to the media, Minister for Water Resources P Anil Kumar said at Nellore that the State government had credited over Rs 6440 crore into the accounts of 78 lakh women beneficiaries under Aasara scheme. 
While Chandrababu Naidu cheated women on loan waiver, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has kept his poll promise and has formally released the second tranche of week long Aasara at Ongole on October 7. 
TDP is resorting to cheap politics to divert the attention and dilute spirit of Asara scheme, promised by  YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to clear all debts of SHGs in four phases. So far, Rs 12700 crore was spent towards this scheme. 

He said that the previous government betrayed women by failing to clear all the outstanding loans and further discontinued the zero-interest loan scheme, adding a burden of Rs 3000 crore. The minister said that the previous TDP government has failed to provide even a single house to the poor and in return tried to burden them with TIDCO houses, and further stalling the government housing project by getting stays from the Court. Chandrababu is an occasional visitor to the State only to pursue cheap politics.
In a separate press conference, Minister for Animal Husbandry Seediri Appala Raju lambasted Chandrababu Naidu for trying to divert the positive vibes of Aasara and blaming the government on drug mafia even though it has no connection. He said that TDP friendly media houses have tarnished the State’s image even after NIA had clearly mentioned that the seized drugs at the Mundra port are no way related to Andhra Pradesh. As the issue got subsided, the opposition leaders brought a stay from the Court objecting to the housing project.
The Minister said that TDP leaders have always approached Courts and stalled every initiative that primarily benefits women. He said that women were abandoned and assaulted in the TDP regime, however the current government has been striving hard for women empowerment and prioritising their welfare.

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