Chandrababu Naidu could ‘Stoop to any level’: YS Jagan

Orvakalu: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and YSR Congress Party Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy stated that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu could ‘Stoop to any level.’ YS Jagan was addressing a mammoth public gathering at Rayachoti, when he said that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Chief had taken away the life of his uncle, only to demoralise him.

“Chandrababu can stoop to any level and has eliminated my own uncle to demoralise me. The ghastly murder takes place under his guidance, it is his (state) police that takes up the investigation and it is his friendly media that tomtoms spinning story after story,” he alleged.

YS Jagan branded Chandrababu’s style of politics as ‘murder politics’ with the help of his ‘money, muscle and media power’. “We will have to fight the battle against all these factors and reject the corrupt practice.

The ruling party (Telugu Desam Party) is steeped in rampant corruption and the ruling party from leadership to grassroots level workers have been involved in kickbacks.

Special Category Status (SCS) was mortgaged for selfish benefits, Polavaram contract was taken from Centre for kickbacks and now Chandrababu Naidu is coming with a slogan of assurance which sounds ridiculous,” he said.

Speaking at Orvakalu, YS Jagan Had promised his full support to all sections of the society which includes farmers and youth, who, according to him, “bore the brunt of the mal-governance of Chandrababu government for the past five years.”

He asked the public not to fall prey to Chandrababu’s or anyone’s, short term gains, but to opt for something long term like the Navaratnas (nine jewels).

“With 50% of the population being women, I appeal to my sisters not to be lured by the Rs 3,000 which will be given by Chandrababu Naidu.

Use your discretion and elect a leader who stands by his word and will be with you in the hour of crisis, not like the TDP leader who comes like a seasonal bird during elections, announces sops and goes away never to be seen before the next elections,” he said while referring to Naidu.

“All loans the women groups have availed will be waived in four installments and all the women who are in the age group of 45 to 60 will be given Rs 75,000,” YS Jagan added. YS Jagan also said that if his party come to power, there would be a rise in senior citizens pensions by Rs 3,000.

Andhra Pradesh will go to polls in a single phase on April 11. Both the Lok Sabha and legislative assembly polls will be held in the state simultaneously on this day.

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