Theatrical TDP unveils new drama

Bye Bye all those phony protests in Delhi. All those TDP MPs will now come back to the state. Enough of dramatics in Delhi, said Chandrababu the other day. Hugely relieved TDP MPs, who were staging protests to rival the hugely popular and purposeful YSRCP protest, have packed their bags pronto and returning to the state.

Till the other day, the TDP MPs were trying to match move for move with the YSRCP and tried every trick in the trade to rob YSRCP of the limelight. It is another matter that they failed miserably. The TDP troupes staged dharnas in front of PM’s house when the PM was not at home. Now that Babu has called them back, they are happy.

But, wait a minute!! Hold on!! Chandrababu has something special up his sleeve. He wants to counter the growing popularity of the YSRCP Pada Yatra. So, he is planning a state-wide bus yatra. Babu wants his MPs to undertake bus yatra in their respective constituencies.

The problem here is the MPs know very well what would happen to them if they try to meet the people. During the ‘Intintiki Telugu Desam,’ the people questioned the TDP leaders and gave them torrid times. Anti-Dalit comments of Chandrababu and minister Adinagarayana ricocheted and recoiled on them. With minorities and Dalits veering towards the YSRCP, these leaders will have a tough time in their constituencies.

Will bus yatras be able to counter the growing popularity of the YS Jagan padayatra? Well! Everyone in Andhra Pradesh knows the answer!!!
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