TDP growth rate, a mirage

Hyderabad, Nov 29: Pooh-poohing the tall
talk and quixotic dreams of Chandrababu Naidu that the state has set a target
of achieving 15 % growth rate, YSR Congress has said that the TDP government
has scant respect for women and the recent incidents show how women are being

 ‘When the highest growth rate in the
World has been that of China at 7.40 % and the national figure has been pegged
at 5.60 % how can Andhra Pradesh achieve or even think of the impossible 15 %
growth rate,’ Party MLA RK Roja told reporters here on Sunday.

 ‘The sum of goods and services produced
during the year when compared to the previous year, determines the growth rate.
In the Andhra Pradesh farmers are in distress, their loans are not waived and
are declared as defaulters. With the financial crisis, agricultural operations
were not taken up in half of the cultivable land and floods have damaged the
crops adding to the misery.

 Most of the industries are left out in
Hyderabad city and the production figures would show a downward graph. The IT
industry is heavily concentrated in Hyderabad and no income could be expected.
When it comes services sector, there is little or no scope as there is no
proper infrastructure.

 In such a scenario, how can Chandrababu
Naidu achieve or at least set the overambitious goal of 15 % growth rate. Even
in booming economies, the rate looks questionable and the TDP president has to
tell how much growth rate was achieved during his nine term as Chief Minister.

 He should recall the remarks of a
foreign delegate during the Partnership Summit while he was Chief Minister,’
she said.

 The state has achieved growth rate
higher than the national average in terms of neglecting and harassing the
women, in terms of failing to fulfill the poll promises and carrying out the
welfare schemes.

 The Anganwadi workers were ill-treated,
Women Officers were insulted and the Chief Minister has been supporting the
perpetrators of the crime and not the victims, she said adding that women
should fightback.


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