Sonia! Impatience is her mania!!

Political observers have just begun wondering whether the Congress Party chief Sonia Gandhi is Mrs. Cool as projected all these years.

The latest provocation to think so is her recent outburst at the senior BJP leader LK Advani in the Lok Sabha who described the UPA-2 establishment as an illegitimate government. The way she spoke to retard him was nothing but an unprecedented outbreak of anger in the Parliament.

It is not first time she lost her cool. In the past, if you remember well, she once reportedly threatened the then TDP senior leader P. Upendra at the Begumpet airport in Hyderabad when she accompanied her husband-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi during his trip to AP. Obviously, NTR was the chief minister then. She was said to have threatened him “I will see your end.”

However, advertently or inadvertently, she has gradually cultivated an image of a cool customer over a period of time while the facts remained otherwise.

Why is she frequently losing her temper and indulging in emotional outbursts? Observers feel that she has been fast losing her patience as her son Rahul Gandhi is not yet well prepared to take over the mantle of leadership from a harassed Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh.

Sonia Gandhi’s wish to end her son’s bachelorhood and see him as a married person has also not yielded results either.

Added to this, the congress is fast losing its existence in several states including AP which remained its fortress till the tragic and sudden death of YSR. After the death of YSR, the Congress affairs have taken a pathetic and anarchic path. Its existence is now facing a question mark with the emergence of YSRCP president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as a formidable political force in the state politics.

The frustration on part of Sonia Gandhi is quite understandable as Congress is also not in the reckoning in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. While Sharad Pawar is calling the shots in Maharashtra, the Congress is in a helpless condition in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Bihar.  As if this is not enough, the Congress leadership is at the mercy of TMC in West Bengal.

There are no hopes of the party being revitalized in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab while the BJP’s Narendra Singh Modi is not yet ready to lose his hold in Gujarat. The situation is not sound in Jammu and Kashmir either.

To sum it all, Sonia Gandhi can see zero prospects for the congress party in the 2014 elections turning her into a personality of impatience and short temperament.

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