This politician is fast ending up as a joke

CM Ramesh is fast becoming a laughing stock in the political circles. His bravado despite the IT raids is drawing derision from various sources. On Tuesday, he was seen putting a brave face at the Dharma Porata Deeksha, where he shared stage with TDP big boss Chandrababu Naidu.

Recent IT raids have exposed the ill-gotten assets and benami companies of CM Ramesh. It was also clear that the money used for the Cash for Vote scam was withdrawn from CM Ramesh’s account.  Ramesh, however, put a brave face, and said that he was being victimized just because the TDP came out of the NDA. But, he betrayed his fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

The TDP has been playing hide and seek on the issue of special status. When the things were hunky dory with the BJP, they have literally buried the special status issue. They have also agreed for special package.  Later, when they fell out, the TDP started protests, fasts and dharnas on the issue of special status. The people of AP now know that only YS Jagan was truly fighting for the special status for the state. The people are now comparing YS Jagan with CM Ramesh. While Jagan bore the brunt of various attacks including imprisonment and court cases stoically and emerged strong from it, CM Ramesh is getting shriller by each passing day and is becoming increasingly edgy. The people are discussing Jagan’s courage and CM Ramesh’s pusillanimity.
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