New Capital City A 'Piped Dream' in Chandrababu Govt

Chandrababu Naidu has created much hype on the construction of  new capital at Amaravati. Practically,  the CM's efforts in finalising the designs did not make any progress for the last three years. 

The government did not prepare any action plan for the land acquirement and also the construction of  the new capital. The CM accorded utmost importance only to foreign visits but not a single design was finalised. 

In fact, the development of new capital cities like Dehradun, Ranchi,  Naya Raypur and Chandigarh was not an easy task. The government were struggling hard to develop new cities on par the existing capitals.  Chandrababu's claim that he developed Hyderabad was also a big lie as the historical city has been developing since decades. 

Before construction of capital, the government should have a vision to create  basic infrastructure, administrative buildings, residential complexes and road network.In the case of Amaravati, no plan has been prepared towards completing the works in a scheduled time. The CM's foreign visits was also not yielding any results as the investors are not confident following the delay in the construction of the capital city. The investors felt that there will be no business prospects unless there is a capital city with a vision. 
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