Huge Victory Margins Give YSRCP Emphatic Win

Amaravathi: As various figures relating to vote shares and victory margins become available, the breathtaking magnitude with which YSRCP stormed into power appear more clearly.

The 22 Lok Sabha seats which YSRCP bagged on Thursday were won comfortably with TDP candidates being no way closer to the victor. YSRCP’s Y S Avinash Reddy polled 7, 83,799 votes in his favour against his TDP rival Adinarayana Reddy and secured a majority of 3,80, 976 votes.

The three MP seats won by TDP were barely with a majority of few thousands votes. Of all TDP MP Galla Jayadev from Guntur, who secured the least majority, won against Modugula Venugopal Reddy of YSRCP with a margin of 4,205 votes. The other MP seats won by TDP candidates from Srikakulam and Vijayawada were captured by Ram Mohan Naidu and Kesineni Nani with 6,653 votes and 8,726 votes’ victory margin respectively.

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