'Chandranna Kanuka' For The Farmers

Hyderabad: CM Chandrababu has initiated the Kharif season cultivation
with Eruvaka programme filled with loads of excitement. The yellow media played
the fiddle saying the whole stated has engaged in flourished cultivation.
Ministers and officials have got pictures taken to show off. But in reality,
the households of the farmers are filled with agony and deadly tension.

Crop holiday declared
by the farmers

Actually, farmers are
supposed to be extremely busy with agricultural work by the first week of June.
But due to unavailability of timely finance and lack of possibility to approach
banks for loans, farmers are calling it quits with cultivation for the season.
Last year, Rs56,000 crore of agricultural loans had to be sanctioned but only
Rs.7,000 crore had reached the farmers. The rest of it had been presented on
paper or even missed that part. So the rest of the expenditure had been
gathered by the farmers from private moneylenders. Farmers of 5 mandals from
Konaseema area of Godavari districts had declared crop holiday to avoid more
pain and loss to come.

Farmers committing

In 22 days of June, 12
farmers committed suicide. On an average, a farmer is committing suicide in
every 40 hours. In the initial days of Kharif season death bells are ringing.
Still the ministers of Chandrababu’s Government are choosing to boast about the
joyous state of farmers under their rule. Their craze for publicity is failing
to notice the agony of the farmers.

Lack of scientific

Minimum planning
required to observe the needs of the farmers is lacked by the Government. The
Irrigation Advisory Council meetings that have to happen annually are not
taking place. There is lack of research and examination on the needs of water
for irrigation. Certain duties are being performed just for the sake of
happening. Leaders are passing time, happy with the publicity being given by
the yellow media and staying indifferent to the reality. The Government is publicizing
about giving ‘kanukalu’ (gifts) to the farmers, while actually leaving them to
suffer and die.


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