Chandrababu & Co Are More Intolerant & Insecure Ahead Of 2019 Elections

Ever since the TDP pulled out of BJP led NDA,  the ruling party leaders including Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu have been more intolerant and insecure in Andhra Pradesh.  

Exploiting the support of the yellow media, the TDP  leaders are spreading rumours and canards against the YSR Congress Party.  The ruling party leaders unfolded a fresh political drama by  saying YSR Congress and BJP will be political partner in next elections.  

The YSR Congress has been maintaining distance from BJP led NDA. After coming out of the NDA,  the TDP leaders looked very insecure and politicizing the YSR Congress leader having lunch with BJP MLA in New Delhi.  The TDP maintained silence when YSR Congress supported NDA backed Presidential election. Now, the ruling party leaders are raising the issue. 

It is clear that Chandrababu will go to  jail soon in connection with the cases mainly cash for vote scam pending before the court. Leaders have become intolerant toward YSR Congress and trying to malign the image for political gains. 
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