AP State Deserves SCS

  • BJP and TDP betray people of AP
  • Promise made in the parliament slaughtered
  • Babu falsely projecting special package as a better option
  • YSRCP fighting for three years for SCS
  • Call for candlelight vigil on the 26th of January
BJP that promised to give and TDP that promised, at the time of election campaign, to get special category status for AP state went back on their word. The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, has, in multiple occasions, fought against the Governments that betrayed 5 crore people of AP, after making promises in the parliament and in Tirupati, swearing by Lord Venkateswara. Now recently, he called for people, especially the youth, to come forward and join hands to participate in the candlelight vigil to be organised on Thursday.

YSRCP's fight against the Governments' deception
YSRCP has been fighting relentlessly for the sanction of SCS for the past 3 years. Yuvabheri programme conducted by YS Jagan in various cities of AP to educate the youth and the students about the benefits of SCS, dharnas, agitations, deekshas and protests conducted in New Delhi and within the state are only illustrations of the determination of the party in the direction of achieving the status for the state. YS Jagan also visited the PM along with the party's MPs to appeal for the sanction. Samara deeksha was held at Mangalagiri for 2 days. YS Jagan wrote to the centre multiple times, requesting for the sanction of the status. State bandh was conducted a number of times, only to meet with the Government's indifference.

Fight until SCS is achieved
The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, has always proclaimed on YSRCP that it will not stop fighting until special category status is sanctioned to the state. Recently, he has called for all those who wish for the sanction of the status to come forward and participate in the candlelight vigil to be held at the headquarters of all the 13 districts of the state on January 26 at 6 p.m. and make it a success. Indicating that the state will benefit only if the status is given, he has called for everyone to participate in the programme, irrespective of political favouritism.

SCS is an elixir for AP
In general, in all the grants issued by the Union Government, the centre will bear only 30% expense The remaining 70% should be born by the state, irrespective of the scheme or the programme. But if the SCS is given to the state, the centre will bear 90% of it and even 100% if the state is unable to bear it. None of the funds sanctioned as grant are expected to be paid back. This will also apply to the projects issued under AIBP. 

Industries will line up if the status is sanctioned
The industrial units in the state will get 100% discount on excise duty, is special category status is given. This will attract industrialists to establish new units here and aid in acceleration of industrial sector development. Expenditure on plants and machinery will get 30% discount. The industries that extend their area after the announcement of SCS also will be benefited from this. Medium and small scale industries can be established more. 3% discount on interest for working capital of establishment of industries also will be possible. 50% discount on power charges also will apply for 20 years. Discounts will also apply to insurance and transport. This will also increase employment opportunities, particularly in rural areas,

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