YSRCP supporters sweep Phase I GP polls


Amaravati: Government Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said the YSRCP-backed candidates bagged 82 percent seats in the first phase of panchayat elections and the same streak will continue in the remaining phases as the results are a reflection of the welfare schemes being implemented by the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, he slammed TDP leaders for distorting the facts with a section of media to confuse the public and try to influence them even as the overwhelming results in favour of YSRCP are in open.

The gimmicks will not work as people clearly understood the contrast and is tangible with welfare coming to the doorstep.

At least now TDP should be working on people's issues, he said. 

It's quixotic on part of TDP to go into celebrations with the tiny number of seats it gained and its friendly media trying hard to mislead with hyperbolic expressions and distortions.

 He countered TDP’s remarks on YSRCP and said it is the other way round going by the yawning gap between the number of seats and the near sweep in Tekkali and other such constituencies speaking of the slump for TDP.

Sajjala stated that the party withstood the biased nature of the State Election Commissioner, who indeed went overboard in the name of constitutional powers by harassing the officers with their service records, court cases, and acted more as a politician.

Meanwhile speaking at a separate press conference, Minister for Municipal Administration Botsa Satyanarayana reiterated that the YSRCP backed candidates had swept the first phase of panchayat elections winning 82 percent of  the seats. 

He dared  Chandrababu Naidu to list out how their party has secured 38 percent seats. The Minister said that YSRCP supporters had won 2,637 out of 3,244 panchayats in first phase elections, followed by TDP with 508 and 99 seats going to independents. He stated that the public had reduced TDP to less than 15 percent. 

He slammed Chandrababu Naidu for distorting the facts and stated that he was unable to digest the defeat and was fudging the numbers as a cover up. He said that people trusted Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government, who took public welfare to the next level by implementing various welfare schemes benefiting the downtrodden.


Giving the district wise breakup, he said in Srikakulam of the total 321 seats, YSRCP supporters bagged 264, TDP got 53 and others won 4.  In Visakhapatnam of 344, 269 went to YSRCP, 55 to TDP and 20 others. In East Godavari of 362 seats, 311- YSRCP, 44 TDP, and 7 others. In West Godavari of 239 seats, 170 by YSRCP, 34 by TDP and 35 by others. In Krishna of 225 seats, 185 by YSRCP, 37 TDP and 3 others. In Guntur of 337 seats, 264 by YSRCP, 62 TDP and 11 others. In Prakasam of 227 seats, 186 ySRCP, 35 TDP and 6 others. Nellore of 164 total, 133 are YSRCP, 28 TDP and 3 others. In Kadapa of total 206 seats, 179 are YSRCP, 23 TDP and 4 others. Kurnool total 193 seats, 159 YSRCP, and 34 are TDP. Anantapur of total 169 seats, 146 are YSRCP, 21 TDP and 2 others. In Chittoor of total 457 seats, 371 are YSRCP, 82 TDP and 4 others.

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