Naidu knew of MPs absenteeism: YSRCP

Press Release

, December 8: Allowing two MPs to vote and three others to stay away
form voting shows that TDP wants to have the cake and eat it too as Naidu,
while criticising FDI during his padayatra has been scouting for strategic
alliance for his family-run Heritage Foods, YSR Congress has said. 

“Three MPs cannot skip the voting without the knowledge of N Chandrababu
Naidu and it is deliberately done as there are some business interests involved
in the exercise, “party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao told reporters here
on Saturday. 

Naidu during his padayatra has been criticisng FDI in retail sector but
he is on the look-out for a tie-up with some foreign company for Heritage
Foods, which is run by his family members, he said. 

Sujana Chowdhary is the alter ego of Naidu and has been looking after
his business interests and serves as bridge between the Centre and the TDP
President which is the reason why CBI has been very lenient towards him, he

In return Naidu has been saving the Congress government at the State and
it is very clear that the two parties have an understanding, he said.



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