Massive response to Jagan's Yatra in Bobbili

The ruling Telugu Desam is ashen faced on seeing the massively stupendous response to YS Jagan’s Praja Sankalpa Yatra. The young leader’s outreach is bringing to light the plight of the common man and the failure of the Government. The realities at the field level are stunning. 

Ever since Jagan’s yatra began in Vizianagaram, the ruling TDP tried to put up venomous posters against the yatra.  But, the massive people’s response to Jagan’s yatra has stunned them. On Monday, Jagan covered Ramabhadrapuram, Bobbili and several other areas. He covered Tarapuram, Mirthivalasa Cross, Kottekki Jnction, Jinnivalasa Cross and Salur. He addressed a huge public meeting at Salur in the evening.

Everywhere, there is infectious enthusiasm and eagerness to see the young leader, who is proving to be a messiah for the poor. Men, women, young and old are milling onto the streets in big numbers to meet him. Enthusiasm is in the air and there is a festive atmosphere all around as Jagan is wading through a sea of affection and love. 

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