Where Is Implementation Of Schemes?

Pithapuram: YSRCP's constituency coordinator, Pendem Dorababu, commented that the implementation of welfare schemes had deteriorated in the state and the publicity being done by the Government was all fake. He held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme in the 15th ward of the city on Friday. People complained to him on this occasion that their pensions and good quality houses were not being sanctioned, their ration cards were being cancelled and that the government's officials were ignoring their repeated appeals. They also reported about the sewage water not flowing done through drainage pipes and that they were facing mosquitoes' problems due to inefficient maintenance of sanitation and that stray dogs were growing their number.

Speaking on this occasion, Dorababu slammed Chandrababu for making deceptive and impossible promises like waiver of agricultural and DWCRA loans at the time of elections. He distributed to people, Praja Ballot, the satisfaction survey questionnaire printed about Chandrababu's promises. He inquired about people's problems. He explained to them how Government schemes were being misused. Council opposition leader Gandepalli Babi, cirty party president Bojja Ramaiah, mandal party president Nadigatla Chintala Rao, former councilors Venum Narayana Rao, Paila Dharmaji, Muslim minority leaders Khalil Shah, Mohiddin, Ali, Jalal, Jilan, Harshad, Karri Prasad and a huge number of activists participated in the programme.

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