Schemes To Benefit Only Yellow-clothed People

Pithapuram: People of Thatiparti area complained about the Government schemes benefiting only those people favouring TDP, mentioning their not receiving pension and ration and housing loans in the past 3 years.
YSRC's convener of Pithapuram, Pendem Dorababu, conducted Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme in the area on Tuesday. He toured in areas like Aparna Devi mukhadwaram and Kotthapeta and distributed copies of Praja Ballot at every doorstep. He explained about Babu's deceptive promises to people. Labourers, women and farmers explained to Dorababu about their problems led by their loans not being waived.
Speaking on this occasion, Dorababu commented that Chandrababu had cheated all classes of people and criticised him for benefiting only TDP-favoured people through Government schemes. He cautioned that people were ready to teach Chandrababu a lesson.
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