YSRC ready to expose the conspiracy

YSR Congress party is getting  ready to expose the conspiracy hatched against the party president Y.S.
Jagan Mohan Reddy by TDP and Congress which are unabashedly taking it forward
to create more trouble for him.

The party will expose
the conspiracy and tell people how the TDP has been in cahoots with the
Congress all the way from the very beginning during the forthcoming second
Praja Prasthanam to be undertaken by Jagan’s sister Sharmila.

The conspiracy that
took place during the Legislative Council elections of local bodies has been evidently
seen through the thick and thin of the political tribulation that Jagan was
subjected to till date.

The conspiracy has been
conspicuous by its systematic implementation from the day one it was hatched
till the TDP MPs who met the Union Finance Minister Chidambaram on Oct 4, the
day when the notice to attach Jagan’s properties was issued.

The signs of conspiracy
between Congress and TDP were first evident when Chandrababu Naidu chose not to
put up candidate during the Legislative Council elections from the local bodies
of Kadapa district with a view to defeat the candidate sponsored by Jagan.

Despite the TDP’s
support, the Congress candidate was defeated leading to their next stage of
conspiracy where in Naidu’s demand to constitute a JLC (Joint Legislative
Committee) to go into the land allotments for SEZs (Special Economic Zones) by
YSR was agreed to by the Government.

After YSR’s death,
Naidu who has been protecting the Congress government had kept quiet till mega
star Chiranjeevi had merged his PRP with Congress and then introduced the dummy
no- confidence motion after making sure the Government would not fall.

The conspiracy was
glaring on its face when the TDP and Congress decided to ask members to raise
their hands during the no-confidence motion just to corner the MLAs supporting

Then the TDP-Congress
conspiracy has been extended to the by-elections to the Kadapa Lok Sabha and
Pulivendula assembly constituencies where in both the parties unsuccessfully tried
to defeat the YSRCP candidates.

In the third stage, the
two parties have taken the conspiracy to its pinnacles in the by elections to
the 18 assembly seats and 1Lok Sabha seat to defeat YSRCP candidates. As part
of the conspiracy, Congress put weak candidates where TDP was strong and TDP
put up weak candidates where Congress was strong.

In Ramachandrapuram and
Narsapuram, the entire TDP vote bank was transferred to Congress candidates.
Even in the Banswada by-election in the Telangana area, TDP didn’t put up candidate
to support the Congress candidate.

Naidu, who was
instrumental in ensuring cases were filed against Jagan, visited Delhi several
times and met Chidambaram secretly and also during the nights to avoid the
media eye. Naidu met Chidambaram in the name of farmers’ problems and Prime
Minister Man Mohan Singh in the name of BCs’ problems.

The conspiracy was
again at its peak when the TDP MPs personally handed over the ED’s attachment
notices on Jagan’s properties to the pro-TDP media.

(Updated on Oct 12,2012)

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