YSRCP: TDP dictating terms to State

May 25, 2013: State Government allotting the mining lease in Ananthapuram district to
a private party at the behest of TDP clearly shows who is dictating the terms
and to whom, YSR Congress has said.  

“The Kiran
Kumar Reddy government has allotted the 25-hectare high quality land to a SR
Minerals whose promoter is very close to TDP leadership. This is an indication
that TDP has been dictating the terms to the State government,” Party MLA B. Gurunatha
Reddy told reporters here on Saturday.  

conspiracy becomes more blatant with the fact that the Government has cancelled
the lease agreement to State Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC) and
allotted it to a private party as the promoter is close to the inner circle of
TDP, he said.  

While YSR has
allotted the mining lease to the State Mining Corporation in the interest of
the state, Kiran Kumar Reddy has cancelled the lease on technical grounds and
allotted the lease to the private party which is highly objectionable.  

“Kiran Kumar
Reddy and the district ministers should tell as to how much kickbacks they
received for allotting the mining lease, “he said.  

TDP, which
raised a hue and cry when low quality land was allotted to OMC is now silent
though the State Government has cancelled the high quality land lease to APMDC
and diverted it to a private party that is close to TDP, he said adding that
there are kickbacks in the deal.  

The State
Government has also been taking questionable decisions like allotting Penna
water to a power plant while people of the region are reeling under severe
drinking water shortage, he said.  

Both Congress
and TDP are working for mutual benefit and furthering their economic causes, he

YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy has been in jail for the past one year and the two parties along
with CBI and other vested interests are conspiring to keep him away from

people are aware of the facts and have given their verdict in the by-polls and
will repeat them in the next round of polls, he said.


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