YSRCP demands probe into Call Money racket

Hyderabad, Dec 12: Demanding a high
level inquiry into the call money racket that came to light in Vijayawada, YSR
Congress has said that the racket has the backing of ruling Party leaders. ‘Vijayawada
city, which was adopted by Chief Minister as his seat of governance has turned
into a crime capital with the Call Money racket spreading its net over gullible
women and pushing them into sex racket,’ party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma
told reporters here on  Saturday.

 ‘Women, housewives and students, have
become victims of this racket which lends money for their dire needs and later
exploit them and this racket has the backing of the ruling party and efforts
are on to pull out the TDP cadre involved in it. We demand that a high level
inquiry is ordered into the incident as there are indications that the
Government is trying to distance TDP cadre from the racket,’ she said.

 The exploitation has being going
unabated as the Chief Minister had given enough signals to the officials to
keep away from the party cadre. The incidents of Chintamaneni Prabhakar being
let off had given more muscle to the racketeers, she said.

 Meanwhile, PAC member Samineni Uday Banu
has said, that the racketeers has the backing of MLAs and MLCs besides local
cadre of TDP. They are involved in setting up arches and banners whenever Chief
Minister or other dignitaries visit the area and the call money operators have
been harassing and pushing women and students into flesh trade.


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