YSRCP Demands CBI Probe On Sadavarthi Lands

  • Thousands of crores of
    rupees’ worth scam in choultry’s lands
  • Babu’s personality has
    surfaced again
  • Babu has no care for
    courts or laws: Venugopalakrishna

YSRCP’s official spokesman Venugopala Krishna mentioned that Chandrababu’s
personality had once again been uncovered through Sadavarthi choultry scam. He
stated how auction had been held again, how the lands had been promised for an
extra Rs.5 crore and how the companies that had come for auction were
threatened. He demanded CVI probe on the issue. He spoke to the media at the
party’s central office in Hyderabad.

Here are further details of his speech in his own words:

* Vasireddy Venkataratnam Naidu donated lands to Sadavarthi
choultry for vaidic education of Brahmins.

* Sadavarthi lands were auctioned hastily following TDP MLA
Sridhar’s letter.

* The lands in Chennai are near a crucial and commercially-important

* The endowments department has declared the value as Rs.6 crore
to the lands whose actual value is Rs.12-13 crore.

* Principal opposition party YSRCP appointed a fact finding
committee after it was heard that a huge scam happened with the ands.

* The committee visited
the lands and found out how the Government had given away the lands for meagre
prices to their allies.

* Sadavarthi lands is not a private issue. State and national
laws apply to the issue.

* High Court’s permission is mandatory to sell endowments lands.
But Babu does not care for laws and courts.

* Chalamalasetty Ramanjaneya’s family is benami for Lokesh.

* The fact finding committee of YSRCP informed about the
corruption and was supported by BJP, CPI, CPM and other opposition parties.

* It is shameful of Chandrababu to say that the neighbouring
states would take away the lands as there is no proper documentation.

* The Government has the responsibility to speak to the
neighboring state’s Government and utilize the lands for endowments.

* There has never been a criminal case against those who
illegally occupied temples’ properties.

* The Supreme Court has mentioned that Swiss Challenge system is
not good. * Swiss challenge system is meant for robbery.

* It is being conspired to acquire 1,00,5000 acres of land in 28
revenue villages for the port.

* Palle Raghunatha Reddy, the minister of information of AP, stated
that 1,00,5000 acres of land in Bunder road would be acquired.

* The very next day, minister Kollu Ravindra stated that the
minister of information had no proper information and that it was not 1,00,5000
acres but only 33,000 acres only.

* The Minister of Department of Information, who has to take the
information to the Government, himself lacks the information about the ongoing

* TDP is conspiring to acquire lands by bluffing people.

* YSRCP is fighting against this. It will explain the corruption
going on to the people at every step.

* Venugopala Krishna demanded CBI probe on Sadavarthi choultry’s


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