YSRCP angry on the hike of Petrol prices

YSR Congress has demanded the TDP Government to roll back the VAT imposed on petrol and diesel as it would have a cascading effect leading to further escalate the inflation.“The State government increasing the petroleum rates by Rs 4 per litre will result in a steep hike in transport cost and that of the essential commodities further burdening the common man and the middle class,” party senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana told reporters here on Thursday.

Though the crude oil prices have drastically fallen in the global market, the Centre did not effect the changes nor did it bring down the taxes and the State instead of reducing the prices has hiked the price by Rs 4 per litre and the price stands highest when compared to the neighbouring States of Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Karnataka, he said.

The prices of essential commodities and vegetables have skyrocketed and the hike petrol and diesel prices will further increase the prices and we demand the State to immediately withdraw the hike, he said.‘We also condemn the lathi-charge on farmers in Visakhapatnam district and demand a judicial inquiry into the incident along with the misappropriation of funds in the factory.

TDP has the history of closing down profit making sugar units in the cooperative sector and is again back to its old ways,’ he said adding that it was reported that three sugar mills have been earmarked for the sell-out.
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