YS Jagan's Fight Againt Loot Of Water

Kurnool: YSRCP leaders criticised the behaviour of TDP Government. They questioned its silence towards the unlawful projects being built by Telangana Government. They mentioned that the state was at loss due to Chandrababu. They called for support from the people of the state for the strike being staged by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan for protecting the rights of the state.

Ambati Rambabu
YSRCP's official spokesman Ambati Rambabu complained against AP Government's indifference towards the unlawful projects being built by Telangana Government on River Krishna and River Godavari. He remarked that Chandrababu's lack of confrontation was due to his being caught in Note For Vote case in Telangana. He commented that the state was at loss due to Chandrababu. He specified that YS Jagan's strike was meant to protest against the negligence exhibited by TDP Government and the robbery being committed by Telangana Government.

Visweswar Reddy
YSRCP MLA Visweswar Reddy remarked that the projects being built by Telangana would cause severe loss to Rayalaseema area, as River Krishna was the main source of irrigation water to the area. He informed that only if Srisailam reservoir had 870 ft deep water level would projects like Pothireddypadu, Handri-Neeva and Galeru-Nagari receive water. But if Telangana started to draw water at 810 ft level, Rayalaseema would face severe scarcity of water, stated Visweswar Reddy. He added that it was the responsibility of AP Government to prevent the construction of those projects in order to save the state. He suggested that the whole state had to unite and fight to make the situation better. He called for the support of the people for YS Jagan's strike.

MVS Nagireddy
YSRCP farmers' wing president Nagireddy criticised Chandrababu for not taking up any project in the state till 2004 and stated that during his tenure the state had suffered loss due to the projects build by upstream states. He complained that Chandrababu had then mortgaged the state to Karnataka and Maharashtra and today, he had mortgaged it to Telangana. He mentioned that AP was being devoid of drinking water and expressed his concern about the state soon becoming a desert with the projects of Telangana being built. He commented that Chandrababu was unable to realise the situation even if the farmers' associations and people of AP did. Nagireddy reminded that 8 districts of AP and 1,50,000 acres in West Godavari district were dependent only on Krishna waters. He slammed the TDP leaders who were trying to gain the appreciation of Chandrababu by criticising YS Jagan's struggle for water. He opined that the people of many villages were at the verge of migrating to other places if they did not get water. Nagireddy stated that it was the responsibility of teh Government to provide drinking water and irrigation water to the state and bring pressure on the centre in the direction of preventing projects in the upstream areas.

Sunil Kumar
YSRCP MLA Sunil Kumar mentioned that the districts of Rayalaseema were at the verge of becoming a desert due to the projects being built by Telangana Government. He appealed to everybody including the farmers to support the agitation staged by YS Jagan for the benefit of the state.
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