YS Jagan teachers a lesson to Chandrababu in water management

YSR Congress Party chief and Leader of the Opposition in AP Assembly has exposed the TDP Government's lopsided policies in the AP Assembly. He presented proof as to how TDP government is frittering away money and causing loss to AP.

Speaking during the Assembly session,  the YSRCP chief said the Government could have stored 40 TMC of water if only it paid Rs 120 crore to Telangana Government towards R and R package. Instead, it chose to spend Rs 136 crore to lift water from Pattiseema LIS. All the 55 TMC of water brought from Pattiseema were wasted into the sea and thus the state suffered losses on both counts. He also pointed out that though there is 584 TMC of water in Srisailam, the Government was not releasing water into Rayalaseema region. 

He also poohpoohed the TDP claims that it had brought water to Kadapa region. "This was done a long time ago by the district collector himself. TDP is only doing publicity and doing nothing else," he said.
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