YS Jagan Is A Man Of People

  • People ready to drown TDP in rivers
  • Irrigation minister Devineni is incompetent
  • TDP shivers after seeing the huge gathering at Dwaraka Tirumala
  • Does the opposition not have the right to expose the Government's mistakes?
  • YS Jagan became the leader of opposition after revolting against Sonia Gandhi
  • When will Babu become CM after overcoming corruption?
  • YSRCP's official spokesman, Jogi Ramesh
Vijayawada: Confiding in YSRCP's victory whenever elections came, the party's official spokesman, Jogi Ramesh, ridiculed that people would drown TDP in rivers. After Babu had mortgaged special category status in exchange for package, TDP leaders immersed themselves in more corrupt activities, he complained.

Speaking to the media at Vijayawada, Ramesh slammed minister Devineni Uma for speaking ill of the leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan. Calling him an incompetent leader, Ramesh exclaimed that farmers were unfortunate to have such an under-performing irrigation minister. Challenging the ministers to visit Machilipatnam, Pedana, Avanigadda and Kaikaluru constituencies along with him, given his earlier statement that the whole district was propsperous, Ramesh explained how the area was suffering from severe drought. He complained that Chandrababu and Devineni were bagging crores of rupees in the name of Pattiseema scheme.

Slamming Devineni for foul-mouthing YS Jagan, Jogi Ramesh questioned if the leader of opposition did not have the right to expose the faults of the Government. He mentioned how many of TDP's poll promises had been left unimplemented and remarked that 45 TMC calibre Pulichintala project had simply been shelved to avoid YSR from earning credit for it. He acclaimed YS Jagan as a man of people.
Jogi Ramesh mentioned what a great number of people had gathered for the public meeting in Dwaraka Tirumala and commented that TDP leaders had started shivering after realising the popularity and affection YSRCP had garnered from people. Condemning the treatment given to the opposition leader at Visakhapatnam, he called YS Jagan a hero for turning against Sonia Gandhi and growing to be the leader of opposition for a state. He challenged Chandrababu to overcome his corrupt ways and grow to be a real CM.
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