YS Jagan attack : Chandrababu misguided people like this

*YSRCP Demands an Unbiased Investigation by an Independent Body
* There Is A Big Conspiracy
* Investigation Compromised
* TDP Leaders Spewed Lies 

The Leader of Opposition in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy witnessed a brutal attack on October 25, which prima facie seems a brutal conspiracy and is in fact an attack on democracy in the State. CM Chandrababu Naidu and the Government machinery instead of strongly condemning the incident and acting on facts, have spewed lies and misguided people based on premature investigation. 
The details of the same are as follows:
At 2:00 PM on the same day, while YS Jagan was aboard his flight to Hyderabad, the DGP released a press statement declaring the accused as a Y.S. Jagan fan. He also added that the accused belonged to SC community.
1. How did the DGP collect crucial details such as caste and background within less than 1 hour 30 mins of the attack being conducted even while he was not in Vishakhapatnam?
2. With no proven evidence, how did the DGP confirm that the attacker was a YS Jagan fan? With such un-substantiated statements coming from a DGP, the conference seemed a hurried publicity stunt.
A poster with the pictures of the accused and Y.S. Jagan as a flex for Pongal from January 2018 was released by the TDP media houses within just an hour after the attack. This picture was used to brand the accused as a YS Jagan fan.
1. How was TDP media cell able to trace the background of the accused and find a flex of the accused from January 2018 within an hour of the attack and even before official images of the accused were released?
2. Among images being shared on social media, there is a rose in the image of the flex, whereas none in the HD photo. This contradiction raises doubts on the authenticity photos being shared.
CBN in his press release alleged the involvement of the leaders from BJP, JSP, TRS since they condemned the attack.
With what logic did Chandrababu Naidu interpret an expression of solidarity from leaders of BJP, JSP and TRS as a sign of conspiracy and involvement in the attack? By that same logic, why didn't Chandrababu Naidu accuse allies Jana Reddy, Jaipal Reddy and Konatreddy Venkat Reddy (INC Telangana) who also visited YS Jagan to express their solidarity, for the attack?
The top most opposition leader of the state was attacked and the Chief Minister did not respond the entire day.
Is this behaviour befitting of that of the Chief Minister of the State? Ironically, after the Alipiri attack incident, the opposition party in the state headed by YS Rajashekhar Reddy conducted a dharna in the support of Mr. Naidu.
Chandrababu Naidu tried to underplay the attack by saying that the wound was only 0.5 cm. 
Why did Chandrababu Naidu mislead people of the State by saying that the wound was 0.5 cm – when doctors in Hyderabad determined that the wound was 3 cm and needed 9 stitches?
The attacker could have chosen to attack YS Jagan at the padyatra where there is minimum security, unlike an airport lounge.
Was the attack on YS Jagan cleverly planned by TDP at the airport so that the blame could be shirked on the Central Government?
At 9:30 P.M., Police released an 11 page letter claimed to have been found in the pocket of the accused.
1. How did a person carry a 11 page folded letter in their pocket without a single crease or sign of damage?
2. Was the letter tampered with, in order to push a particular narrative? Writing in the letter changes drastically from page 1 to 11.
Ex Chief Secretary of AP, IYR Krishna Rao said that in a crisis situation the Governor can talk to administrative machinery.
Government officials too, can pass on the information directly to governor and report it back to CM.
Why is Chandrababu Naidu questioning the actions of the Governor and the protocol? Is he trying to divert the attention from the real issue?
The remand report clearly established that the accused committed the offence with an intent to murder the Honourable leader of the opposition of A.P. Legislative Assembly Sri. Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy.
1. What action is the TDP government taking against DGP for misleading the people of Andhra Pradesh?
2. Why was it not mentioned in the remand report about the connections of restaurant owner (where the accused was working) with Nara Lokesh and Ganta Srinivas Rao?
Chandrababu Naidu and his cabinet colleagues have said that the attack might be part of Operation Garuda.
1. In that case, How did a film actor get information about the political issues which the police intelligence department doesn’t have?
2. Why is the police department not investigating actor Shivaji?
As per the remand report, the accused had prior knowledge of Sri Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s presence in the airport and planned an attempt to murder for which the accused concealed two knives and a letter (claimed by Police) which he had carried into the airport.
1. Why did the police hide information regarding the call data of the accused, his conversations with TDP leaders and details about the huge money in his bank account?
It was nowhere mentioned in the remand report about any conspiracy behind the attack. However, the police have specifically mentioned about accused being a fan of Sri. Jagan Mohan Reddy.
1. Why are the police not investigating the conspiracy angle of the case? Why are the jumping to conclusions first and then investigating to prove their conclusions?
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