Yellow party is taking the lives of farmers:

Gutti: Naidu is recklessly behaving with farmers by not keeping his promises made before to farmers who are the backbone of the State. Every step of Naidu is a fraud and farmers are betrayed. Not even one promise is been fulfilled and the government is playing with the lives of farmers. Loans were not waived off and there is not right cost price for the hard earned crop. further there is no input subsidy payments assured and there is no right person to purchase the food grains from farmers which made the farmers frustrated and inclining towards suicides.


Farmers of Ubicherla village, Gutti mandal, Anantapur district a farmer committed suicide. Rama (44) committed suicide by drinking pesticides as he could not come out of the debts and  there was no scope for him to get any loan or financial support which forced him to leave the world. Though the State courts has given a serious warning, still the yellow party is not bothered about the painful situations of farmers and watching the scenarios shamelessly.

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