Yellow leaders insulted the Indian Race

Srikakulam: The arrogance of TDP party men is becoming boundless day by day. The party men have uprooted the Indian National flag post insulting the nationality. This incident took place in Ramakrishna Puram Village, Andhavaram Panchayat, Srikakulam District.

The TDP party men behaved recklessly in Jana Chaitanya Yatra by uprooting the flag post in Government ZP High school. They carried this flag post to the village center, painted it yellow and hoisted TDP flag on the flag post. The local people have confronted this act very severely. When they faced confrontation from everyone the party men immediately constructed a temporary concrete stage for erecting flag post and vanished.

When spoke to Head Master P.Ramakrishna, he said that it is crime to uproot the flag post which hoisted Indian flag. When they called him that they wanted to remove the flag post, he said that he opposed it. But, they removed it on Sunday when the school was closed. 

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