Yellow gang goes green with jealousy over Jagan yatra

The very mention of the name YS Jagan is sending jitters to the ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh. Massive response to his Praja Sankalpa Yatra and the spontaneous turnout at his walkathons are unnerving the ruling TDP all across AP in general in Vizianagaram in particular.
 From Day One of his yatra in Vizianagaram, the ruling party has put up flexies opposing Jagan’s Yatra. There have been attempts to disrupt his Sabhas. As the Yatra began from Ramabhadrapuram in Bobbili, there is enthusiasm everywhere. The people are coming to meet him in large number. There is an air of festivity along the yatra route.  All this is proving to be an eyesore for the ruling TDP. They are unable to bear the people’s enthusiasm for YS Jagan. 

Wherever he went, there are huge crowds. Young ones vying to take selfies with Jagan, old women yearning to narrate their tales of woes and the farmers rushing to him with their heart rending tales…. All these are sights utterly unbearable for the TDP cabal.

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