Where are the Houses? YS Jagan fires on Babu

Anantapuram: The YSRCP Chief Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy fired babu saying “Chandrababu….where are the houses? You promised that with one and half lakh you will construct houses and give to everyone, to see that there are no huts in the state, but people in huts are still living there and the bills were not sanctioned for those who constructed the walls. Have you at least sanctioned a single house after coming into power?”As part of the Bharosa Yatra, he spoke in a discussion with farmers and DWCRA women in Uddehaal. He mentioned that ‘at least now Chandra Babu must remember his promises after listening to your curses and cries’. He called every one that we will fight together till the Chief Minister implements all his promises.
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