What about our Ministers?: asks Ambati

Guntur, May, 12, 2013: Ambati Rambabu
the Official Spokesperson of the YSR Congress Party today demanded that the
Ministers in the State who are facing corruption charges must be sacked.

Addressing the media at the party office
in Guntur, Rambabu stated that the central Ministers were sacked to protect the
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the UPA Chair Person Sonia Gandhi. The Prime
Minister’s office was also spared making Ashwani Kumar a  scape Goat he said.

Just by sacking two ministers, the UPA
Government cannot call itself a credible Government he opined. The Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh should have resigned as the Coal Portfolio was with him
Ambati stated.

While the centre has dropped two
Ministers, the State was protecting the corrupt Ministers he remarked.

Why should the Government protect the Ministers
facing corruption charges  he questioned?
While 6 ministers were involved in the issuance of 26 controversial Gos, the
CBI named 3 of them he said.

Former Minister Mopidevi Venkata Ramana was forced to resign and sent to
Jail, while Ministers Sabitha Indra Reddy and  Dharmana Prasad were being protected he

Sabitha and Dharmana were pressurised to
withdraw their resignations he  said. The
other three ministers Kanna Lakshminarayna, Ponnala Laxmiah and Geeta Reddy
were also being protected he stated. This is the credibility of the Congress
Government he ridiculed.

 What about another Minister Sailajanath
who was caught in a sting operation, how long will the Ministers escape he


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