Vijayamma : Humanism is our religion

Taking objection to a
provoking debate over some channels over her carrying a copy of the sacred
Bible in her hands during the Maro Praja Prasthanam Padayatra of her daughter
Sharmila, the YSR Congress Party honourary president Smt. Y. S. Vijayamma made
it clear that carrying a bible is her personal issue and asked the media not to
debate it.

“My husband passed away
and my son is in jail and I carry the bible to keep up my confidence and
courage, “Vijayamma told media persons at her MLA camp office at Pulivendula on

Asking the media to
stop the unnecessary debate over a non-issue, Vijayamma said her faith in God
is her personal issue. “It is my individual and personal belief. I started
carrying bible to get courage after the death of my husband. I am at a loss to
understand as to why media is debating over the issue. That is my
constitutional right too.  Am I indulging
in preaching? Why is the media raking up the issue repeatedly? The sacred book
gives me courage and consoles me when I have it in my hands,” Vijayamma said
clarifying things and asking the media, religious heads and politicians to stop
debating the issue.

After the death of my
husband and jailing of my son Jagan, I have been keeping the company of bible
which gives me courage and confidence and the ability to speak, she said. “I
respect all religions and visit even Masjids. I participate in any religious
worship and prayers irrespective of the religion. Human blood is same and
humanism has no religion,” she said, adding that the late YSR only taught her
and other family members loving people irrespective of their religion.

Recalling that she used
to carry bible wherever she went including the assembly, Vijayamma said 700
persons sacrificed their lives after the death of her husband since he was a
humanist. “No other Chief Minister in the post-independent India has allotted
funds for regular Pujas and Naivedyams in temples besides making arrangements
for regular salaries to the Archakas as YSR,” she said and added Muslims were
also given four per cent reservations by her husband.

Vijayamma also observed
that Akhanda Deepam is maintained regularly in her brother’s house even today and
whenever any Swamiji or Hindu religious preacher visits the town, his brother
would play the host for them with due respect.

“So, please understand
and stop any debate over the issue,” she appealed to news channels, print
media, politicians and religious heads.

(Updated on Oct 22,2012)

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