Undeserved Felicitations By TDP and BJP

Babu is deceiving people: YSRCP MLC Ummareddy Venkateswarlu
Guntur: YSRCP MLC Ummareddy Venkateswarlu criticised that Chandrababu was watering down the issue of special category status and deceiving people in the matter. Speaking at Chaitanya Patham programme arranged at Guntur, he reminded how YSRCP had insisted on discussion over the matter of special category status in both legislative assembly and legislative council. He mentioned that TDP leaders hindered when they had blamed in the council that Chandrababu was weakening the issue. Stating that TDP members had entered into argument with him right in front of the CM, he questioned why had Chandrababu allowing posing obstacle to opposition leader YS Jagan's speech on the other hand. Slamming the indifference shown by Chandrababu, he reminded that they had to walk out only because discussion on the issue was not being allowed. He questioned the justification behind the CM's disinterest in at least knowing the opinion of leaders of the opposition. Ummareddy made it clear that YSRCP had always been in support of special category status.

What is the secret behind special package?: YSRCP's district president Marri Rajasekhar
Guntur district's YSRCP president Marri Rajasekhar slammed the way Venkaiah Naidu and Chandrababu had been behaving in the matter of special category status after having recommended at the time of bifurcation that AP should be given the status for 10 and 15 years respectively. He particularly mentioned Chandrababu's welcoming the announcement of special package. Speaking on the occasion of Chaitanya Patham programme held at Guntur, he slammed Chandrababu for deceiving people by making fake poll promises like waiver of loans, provision of jobs and sanction of unemployment stipend. When Chandrababu had been asked how he would do waiver of loans, he replied that he had worked as Chief Minister for nine years and he knew pretty well about the financial situation of the state, Rajasekhar reminded, while confronting why he was masking his face now. He slammed Venkaiah Naidu for getting felicitated after all the injustice he had done to AP, just like ministers Narayana and Pullarao.

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