Top Ten facts about AP Special Status:

Hyderabad: Special Status is the ultimate solution to many problems of the state. Here top ten facts about it.

  1. Most of our software industries are located in Hyderabad. Our software professionals and IT service professionals look forward to working in Hyderabad as it is the biggest job provider. 70 per cent of the manufacturing sector is located in Hyderabad. We do not have such a city in Andhra Pradesh.
  2. The then prime minister promised 5 year special state status to AP. The Opposition, including BJP and the TDP, have promised special status for 10 years. With these promises, they have divided the status. But, now they are all back-tracking.
  3. If an assurance given in Parliament has no sanctity, then who shall we approach? This is sad state of affairs. We are ashamed that we have such leaders who renege on what they promise. Today, we get to here different things. Some still promise special status, while some say it is not possible to get special state status. Some say this is no Zinda Tilismat.
  4. It is time that the Central government is taken to task. But, TDP, which is part of the government at the centre, is doing nothing to pressurize the Centre on the issue. Why is he not threatening to withdraw his ministers from the Central Cabinet.
  5. Chandrababu Naidu is silent only because of the cash for vote scam, where he used the ill-gotten amounts collected as bribes through various projects and schemes, to buy the support of rival MLAs in the MLC election in the neighbouring Telangana. Chandrababu wants to wriggle out of the scam. He has sacrificed special status to buy support in cash for vote scam.
  6. Now the TDP is talking of a special package. But, the package is what the then government has already announced. These have already been mentioned in the Bifurcation Bill.
  7. The TDP government is lying on the issue of special status. They are trying to invoke the supposed objection from neighbouring Tamil Nadu to AP’s special status. The argument that the Planning Commission is opposing too does not hold water.The same PM is the head of planning commission, the government as well as the Niti Ayog. Why is he not taking action on special status.
  8. During the NDA regime, the then PM Vajpayee had first announced special status to Uttarakhand and later got it ratified by the planning commission. Why cannot the same be done now? Why is Chandrababu not reminding Modi about it?
  9. Chandrababu Naidu is tinkering with the lives of the students and the youth. Where are the jobs that Chandrababu promised? Where is the unemployment allowance that he promised? He should go to Himachal and Uttarakhand to know the benefits of special state status. In Uttarakhand, 3000 new industries came up, while in Himachal, there were 4000 new companies,
  10. We must speak up boldly and make the Centre and the State governments to understand the need for special state status.
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