TDP Loses People’s Trust

Vizianagaram: MLA of Salur constituency in Vizianagaram district Peedika Rajannadora stated that the Government had lost the trust the people bestowed on it by ignoring the promises it had made to them, hence YSRCP was passing No Confidence Motion on it. He commented that they were enjoying their status just by mentioning NTR’s name. He questioned the Government if it could say with 100% confidence that all the promises had been kept.

Rajannadora complained that the issued ration cards were not being distributed and the eligible people were not receiving pensions. He criticized TDP Government for depriving people of their jobs over not providing a job for every household as promised. He slammed not allotting even a single rupee in the state’s budget for the promised stipend for the unemployed. He declared that they had passed No Confidence Motion in the assembly against the Government in the assembly as a protest to the anti-people ways adopted by it.

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