TDP Leaders Are Incompetent: MLA Roja

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP MLA RK Roja opined that the leaders of Telugu Desam Party were incompetent. That was why their party was fighting against the problems of the state, she stated. She extended her support to YSRCP president of Visakhapatnam district Gudivada Amarnath who had been on indefinite hunger strike for special railway zone since the last 4 days.

Roja strongly commented that Chandrababu was snatching the MLAs of opposition party due to the lack of competent leaders in Telugu Desam. She dared Chandrababu to make his new MLAs to resign to their positions and face by-election. Roja further commented that Chandrababu was mortgaging the state's honour at the centre due to his fear towards facing inquiry in note for vote case.

Roja confided that YSRCP would continue to fight for the special railway zone as it would improve the employment opportunities, investments and industries in the state. She called for everybody's support regarding this. She questioned on this occasion, if Achenayudu had ever tried in the direction of accomplishing the special railway zone. Roja complained that ministers Ganta Srinivas and Ayyannapatrudu were competing to loot. She questioned why the ministers of north Andhra region were so indifferent towards achieving the railway zone. She informed that when Chandrababu asked for Rs.10,000 crore, the central Government had given just Rs.700 crore.  she remarked that the state of AP was cursed to have Chandrababu as the CM.

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