TDP diluting Sex Racket

Hyderabad, Dec 18:  Slamming TDP
government for misusing the name of Dr BR Ambedkar for political needs to avoid
discussion on the Call Money Sex racket, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that
treasury benches have been trying to dilute the serious scandal that has rocked
the State involving ruling party leaders and cadre.


Showing pictures of the three main
accused persons belonging to the ruling party, the leader of opposition said: ‘
The ruling party is trying to dilute the issue by widening the canvas and
carrying out state-wide raids on money lenders to deflate the intensity of the
Vijayawada scandal which has the blessings of TDP government.


While we were trying to bring up the
issue for discussion yesterday, suddenly TDP, after the second adjournment
remembers Dr Ambedkar and announces that there will a discussion while there is
no mention of it in the day’s agenda.


Though there were many historic days and
dates to pay tributes to the great leader, Chandrababu Naidu and his government
never remembered him nor observed the days but suddenly, when a serious
discussion was to come up, TDP government tries to invoke Ambedkar’s name for
political reasons though it was not there on the agenda of the day.


This was how the Government has misused
the name Dr. BR Ambedkar to divert the attention for its political needs and as
atonement we have washed the great leader’s statue with milk earlier in the
day, he said.


In the three pictures shown at the
assembly, one was that of a party functionary speaking with the DIG
Intelligence in a casual manner and this could happen only if the blessings of
Chandrababu Naidu are with him. The second picture belongs to a MLA with
another accused in the racket. They go for a foreign jaunt and only the MLA
returns. His friend’s whereabouts are not known and the MLA is not questioned.
The third picture is that of a loyalist who prostrates before the chief
minister and enters the legislature through backdoor. His brother is named as
accused in the racket but no arrests were made.


To dilute the case and bring down the
intensity, the government is conducting state-wide raids but we have to fight
it out as this is a serious issue involving innocent women who were exploited
by the Call Money operators from whom over 300 video tapes of explicit material
was seized,’ he said.


Another attempt being made by the
government to dilute the case is the announcement that Chief Minister would
give a statement. What we have been asking for is a discussion on the issue
which will bring out more facts to light whereas if the statement is given
there would be no scope for discussion and it will end up only in


We demand that a discussion be taken up
and strongly object for TDP trying to use Dr BR Ambedkar’s name in the Assembly
for political reasons and to avoid discussion Call Money sex racket,’ he said.


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