The Story Of Two-Year Long Corruption

  • Chandrababu’s
    administration is two-year old
  • Corruption
    beyond boundaries
  • AP
    being ransacked by father-son duo
  • Maha
    Sankalpa Sabha intended to divert people’s attention
  • Hyderabad:
    The two-year long
    administration of Chandrababu is full of corruption, scams and mafia
    activities. Chandrababu and co. is only interested in earning lakhs of crores
    of rupees by hook or crook. TDP is breaking its own records in corruption, with
    the corruption in the last two years exceeding that of the previous 9-year
    tenure. The 2-year corruption in the form of bribes, commissions and unlawful contracts
    amounts to Rs.1.5 lakh crore and ranges from lands to projects, liquor to mud
    and sand to mines. Senior officials of the Government are also at shock seeing
    this new level of corruption. Senior journalists in the yellow media too,
    unable to write it, are sharing their surprise with their colleagues.

    city occupies the first place in the list

    land mafia happening in the name of capital city Amaravathi is being described
    to be of international recognition. This scam has literally places people of 29
    villages on the road. 33,000 acres have been snatched unjustly from the farmers
    and plans are being made to destroy 32,000 acres of forest land behind the back
    of the central Government. Endowments lands, assigned lands and waqf lands joining
    along, together amount to 1 lakh acres of lands, making the scam of value a
    minimum of Rs.1 lakh crore. It is being opined that giving away these many
    lands to foreign benami companies is nothing but treason.

    in irrigation projects

    of Gorakallu, Galeru-Nagari Sujala Sravanthi and Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanthi have
    been cancelled from the previous contractors against regulations. The estimated
    expenditure of these works have been increased by many times. Tenders have been
    invited without seeking administrative permissions. Surprisingly the tenders of
    all 25 packages reached TDP MP CM Ramesh and other TDP leaders. Almost Rs.6000
    crore has been pocketed in these areas. The Government’s Chief Secretary of that
    time, IYR Krishnarao and the present Chief Secretary Tucker, both denied three
    times to sign these files. The Government was able to get things done through ‘cabinet
    approval’. CM Chandrababu called it quits with EPC (Engineering, Prourement,
    Construction) system in order to handle irrigation contracts and make payments at
    his will. GO no.22 was brought. Rs.3000 crore was paid extra to irrigation
    contractors. Rs.1500 crore was unlawfully involved in transactions in this

    another area of corruption

    promised prior to elections that the multi-purpose Polavaram project would be completed.
    But after coming into power he chose to rather work on Pattiseema lift
    irrigation scheme with greed for commissions. It is understood that Rs.300
    crore was projected in the Rs.1600 crore worth scheme.

    shocks in power projects

    spite of the finance department’s warning that the state would have to face a
    loss of Rs.2300 crore due to giving discount on VAT for power projects, CM
    Chandrababu did not care. Discount was given on VAT, pocketing huge amounts
    from corporate companies, it is rumoured. The escalation permitted by Kiran
    Kumar Reddy’s Government on irrigation projects’ contracts was temporarily put
    on hold by the Governor during the president’s rule. When Babu came to power,
    he spoke to the contractors and sanctioned Rs.17,967 crore for escalation. It
    is an official rumour that Government veterans had their pockets heavy in this

    mafia has its own credit

    increased liquor sales in order to increase the income of the state. Pushing
    aside the promise made to the people about cutting down the number of belt
    shops, he started advertising and encouraging people to drink more and more
    liquor. It is heard that Babu’s family is being directly benefited from this

    in industrial discounts

    released Rs.2067 crore at the end of the previous financial year in the name of
    ‘old industrial discount dues’ in order to benefit his allies. Releasing such
    huge amounts at such a time raised eyebrows. It is complained that Lokesh received
    almost 30% of this amount, as the CM directly brought pressure on the officials
    of department of industries.

    corruption rust infests the central Government too

    corruption empire extended to Delhi too. OSD working under cabinet minister
    Sujana Chowdary held relations with controversial businesspeople. This OSD is
    said to have been appointed by Lokesh. Hence, it is clear who is behind all

    in sand mafia

    has become a primary source of income for ministers and ruling party MLAs and
    MPs lately. Chandrababu previously announced that the responsibility of supply
    had been given to DWCRA groups in order to put a stop on the sand mafia. But digging
    and sale of sand is being performed by the ruling party leaders under the mask
    of DWCRA. 75% of the sand in coastal region an North Andhra region and 90% of
    it in Rayalaseema districts is being sold by the ruling party leaders
    themselves. While the Government was supposed to earn Rs.4480 crore from sand, it
    could only earn Rs.964 crore, which means Rs.3516 crore has been swallowed by
    corrupt leaders, from which 75% reached the pockets of Nara father-son duo.

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