Sharmila throws a challenge to Naidu

Vallabhi (Khammam Dt), April 23,
2013: Castigating the TDP leaders for continuing with their Goebbels
campaign that she and her husband owned the Rakshana Steels
and Bayyaram mines in Khammam district, Smt. Y. S.
Sharmila dared them to prove the allegations.  

Addressing a public meeting
at Vallabhi village in Khammam district Monday evening,
Smt. Sharmila said she would wind up her Maro Praja Prasthanam Padayatra
if the allegations were proved. “Or else, will you give up all your party
posts?’ she challenged TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu.  

Sharmila said despite her
repeated statements clarifying that she and her husband had
nothing todo with the Rakshana Steels and
the Bayyaram Mines, TDP, Congress and BJP leaders have been
repeatedly making the allegations to malign her family.  

“We have clarified the
issue at least hundred times now. Despite this, they have been intentionally
repeating the allegation with ulterior motives,” she said and asked the TDP
chief to accept her challenge.  

She further said Dr.YSR
only wanted the steel plant to come up at Bayyaram and gave the
mining rights for the Andhra Pradesh Mining Development Corporation (APMDC) and
not to Rakshana Steels.  

Smt. Sharmila also recalled
that the then Mining Minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, who
is presently with the YSRCP, had cancelled all agreements with
the Rakshana Steels two and half years ago. 

The mudslinging campaign by
TDP and other leaders even after years of cancellation of the deals only
revealed their ill intentions, she said.  

Smt. Sharmila has so far
completed walking a distance of 1730.3 km of her Padayatra as on 128thday
on Monday. 


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