Sharmila listens to stories of misery

YSR Congress Party
chief Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Sharmila, who completed 119.9 km distance
of Padayatra at the end of eighth day on Oct 25, came across several untold
stories of poor people’s misery in Anantapuram district.

Despite the festival
days, thousands of people followed Sharmila on Wednesday and Thursday during
her Padayatra raising slogans of ‘Jai Jagan’ and ‘we want Jagan to become CM’ and
complaining about their problems. From her Maro Praja Prasthanam, Sharmila took
a small break on Vijayadasami to offer prayers at Peddamma temple at Pedda
Kotla village and renewed her mega foot march thereafter.

While Sharmila behaved like
their next door girl and mingled with people, people didn’t hesitate to reveal
their suffering to her. Most of the people told her that bore wells are lying
idle as ground water levels dipped to their lowest ebb in their area. “We used
to get compensation three times during YSR regime but now there is no compensation
from the Government,” they told her, asserting they are waiting for Jagan to
become the CM.

At Tammapuram and
Tummala Cross Road, Tomato and ground nut farmers complained to her that there
was no insurance scheme to their crops. In response to revelation of their suffering,
Sharmila assured them insurance scheme for tomato and groundnut crops would be
introduced in the forthcoming YSRCP regime.

At several places
during the Padayatra, even cattle herders met her and narrated their miserable
life. Sharmila assured them YSRCP would take care of their problems when it
comes to power.

At her impromptu public
meetings, Sharmila criticized the Government’s decision to limit the supply of 9
subsidized cooking gas cylinders to Deepam scheme users and said sarcastically
the Government has decided to show its generosity on those who didn’t require

shows her generosity

At Chillakondaya Palle,
several handicapped persons and the aged met her complaining about the lack of
pension to them. Sharmila assured them their problems would be solved once
Jagan becomes the CM.

In another instance, a
poor woman by name Lakshmi Devi, met Sharmila and told she had no money to
perform operation to her husband Narsimha’s kidney disease. A moved Sharmila
immediately spoke to doctors at Hyderabad and arranged for the operation. She
also gave money to the old lady to take her husband to Hyderabad and meet the

(Updated on Oct 26, 2012)

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