Sharmila to cover 5 villages on 212th day

Vizianagaram, July 17,
2013: On the 212th day of her Maro Praja Prasthanam Padayatra, Smt.
Sharmila began her walkathon from Maradam in Vizianagaram district on Wednesday
as thousands of people had followed her.

Before she resumed her
Padayatra, scores of handloom workers and farmers met her and listed out their
problems. Farmers told her the Government has not yet paid them the Nilam
cyclone compensation.

Shikargunj Junction,
Burjala valasa, Arikatota, Busayavalasa and Ramabhadrapuram villages, spread
over a distance of 16.2 km, are listed on her Padayatra schedule for the day.
For most part of the day, the Padayatra will take place in Bobbili


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