This Rule Reminds Emergency Era

Kakinada: YSRCP's district president Kurasala Kannababu criticised that TDP's rule in East Godavari district reminded emergency period. Certain leaders of the district's Kapu Sadbhavana Sangham handed over a memorandum to the district's collector H.Arun Kumar, requesting for control of the police's ill-treatment towards Kapu community in the district.
Later, speaking to the media at collectorate, Kannababu slammed the tyrannical behaviour of the police towards the Kapu community, showing Tuni arson and Mudragada's hunger strike as reasons. He mentioned that the youth and the leaders belonging to Kapu community were being dragged to police stations and harassed, in spite of being completely far from disputes. Kannababu wondered how the Government would treat those communities with less percentage of population, if the relatively huger Kapu community was being oppressed in such a manner.

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