Rayalaseema Facing Injustice In Light Of Pushkarams

  • Babu doing injustice to Rayalaseema
  • Irregular water distribution in the name of
  • Decision to stage agitation along with farmers:
    YSRCP leader Raghuramireddy

YSR District: YSRCP MLA Raghurami
Reddy commented that Chandrababu had been ignoring Rayalaseema area. He accused
Chandrababu of not providing the Krishna river water deserved by Rayalaseema,
in the name of Krishna pushkarams, releasing 70 cusecs of water to Nagarjunasagar.
He opined that the pushkarams did not need such a high quantity of water. He
participated in the round table conference arranged regarding Rayalaseema
projects. He stated that releasing 92 TMC of water for power generation at Srisailam
project had caused the water level to go down and KC canal and Telugu Ganga
projects had suffered loss. He complained about the Government’s negligence in
spite of repeated pleas about the injustice being faced by Rayalaseema.

Raghurami Reddy
mentioned that the water level was said to be very low in 2015 in Srisailam
project. He demanded that the water levels in Srisailam are well maintained,
keeping in view the injustice Rayalaseema had to face in the past two years. He
revealed that they had asked for the water to be released to Galeru-Nagari and
Telugu Ganga projects via the head regulator at Pothireddypadu, as soon as the
water level reached 875 feet. He informed that the MPs and MLAs of YSRCP had
appealed about this to the Chief Secretary and the Irrigation Principal

We shall stage an agitation
along with farmers

Raghuramireddy opined that it was unfortunate for Babu to not be ready to
release water to Rayalaseema. He mentioned that water was being released to the
downstream areas only after Almatti, Narayanapuram, Jurala projects had attained
sufficient levels of water and complained that the TDP Government, on contrary
to this, was releasing water in an irregular fashion.

Raghuramireddy informed that an agitation would be held along with
farmers against the Government for the injustice being done to Rayalaseema. He
criticised that the Government had cheated in the matter of Brahmamsagar canal.
He slammed the inefficiency of the Government to provide at least 20 TMC of
water to Telugu Ganga.


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